Mini Masters Academy introduces young children to new ideas through a thematic approach to learning that emphasizes relationships and the ability to make meaningful connections. It teaches a basic life skill … how to learn … and focuses on strategies and techniques that can be applied to almost any encounter with the unknown. The focus is not on acquiring facts or information, but rather on the process of learning through inquiry and sensory exploration of objects. It is through this process that children make ideas their own.

The rich resources of the Academy Art Museum offer a wonderful venue for teaching these sensory explorations. The resources come in many forms, from artwork to museum professionals. The focus might be a single piece of art within a collection, an entire exhibition or a visiting artist or musician.

Children’s literature, objects and visual images are the key elements of almost every experience. Activities are planned to encourage discussion and increase vocabulary. The curriculum offers a wide range of possibilities and introduces, develops and ties together individual skills in a meaningful way. Skills are also related to the real world and situations that children might encounter. Children learn to express their feelings and ideas as they talk about objects and works of art they see in the Museum. Mini Masters Academy¬† embraces a childcentered approach to learning and offers activities that build awareness through sensory experiences.

The school year begins on Tuesday, September 8, 2016 and continues through May 13, 2017. The program follows the vacation and cancellation schedule of the Talbot County Public Schools. The schedule is flexible. Two-year-olds can attend either 2 or 3 days per week, while 3 and 4-year-olds can attend up to 4 days per week with an option to attend a full-day program.

For more information contact Janet Hendricks