Annual Giving is the foundation of all contributions to the Academy Art Museum. These gifts support essential operating expenses and special projects and are a  crucial part of the Museum’s annual revenue. Each donation is vital to our mission.

Chairman’s Circle

Mr. and Mrs. George P. A. Eysymontt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Granville
Catherine Collins McCoy
Maxine and Bill Millar
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Ringler
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Roche
Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stansbury
Ms. Carolyn H. Williams and Mr. Colin Walsh

Director’s Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bodorff
Amy Haines and Richard Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hanrahan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Liebman
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Phillips
Frank and Tricia Saul
Mr. and Mrs. David Willse
Mr. Bruce Wiltsie and Mr. Bill Davenport

Museum Circle

Mr. and Mrs. David Allen
Mr. and Mrs. CG Appleby
Ms. Caroline Boutté and Mr. Peter Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fine
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hunter
Robert and Doris Fischer Malesardi
Mr. Jeffrey Parker and Mr. Chance Negri
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Staley
Paul C. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wyman

Collectors Circle

Mr. and Mrs. John Akridge
Katherine and David Bradley
Ms. Roberta A. Brittingham
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Canzoniero
Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Cox
Dr. and Mrs. H. Tucker Dalton
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Doehler
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Gilson
Herb and Patrice Miller
Kirby and Ginger Pickle
Mr. John Pinney and Ms. Donna Cantor
Drs. Donald and Ruth Saff
Ms. Mary Ann Schindler and Mr. Martin Hughes
Richard Scobey and Bruce Ragsdale
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Woicke

Patrons Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Beckhorn
William C. and Posey Boicourt
Joan W. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Denney
Olga Eysymontt
Shirley Gooch
Ms. Denise Grant and Mr. Franklin Raines
Ruth Noble Groom
Mo and Brad Herbert
Hope Fulton and Joel Leuchter Philanthropic Fund
Stephen Huntoon
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Israel
Margaret D. Keller
Bette S. Kenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Kittredge
Robert Lonergan
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan O’Neill
Paris Foods
Kay and Bob Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Powell, III
Mr. Bruce Purdy and Mr. Barrett Shepard
Martha Read
Nancy Jane Reed
Bill and Elspeth Ritchie
Adrienne W. Rudge
Ronald F. Rumford
Ms. Alice Ryan
Al and Marty Sikes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tilghman
Mr. Dan Watson and Ms. Brenda Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Weiner

Donors Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Amdur
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Asplundh
Mr. Cecil Backus
Mr. and Mrs. John DeQ. Briggs
Marian T. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Omer Brown
Charles T. Capute, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Cronin Jr.
Leslie and Ed Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Davis
Albert B. Gipe
Matthew S. Hillier
Jennie Hyatt
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kagan
Diana D. Kingman
Elizabeth Koprowski
Mr. Thomas Leff and Ms. Melanie Dement
Kathleen Linehan
Kathe and Bill McDaniels
Ronald Mueller and Michael Larry Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nobel
The Honorable and Mrs. John North, II
Jim and Jan Perdue
Mr. Clay Railey and Mr. Don Wooters
Mary Revell and Gene Lopez
Ken and Virginia Sappington
The Asplundh Foundation
The Rumsfeld Family Fund
Susan and Bill Thomas
Helen Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. Antoine van Agtmael
Dr. Anke Van Wagenberg and Dr. Maurits Van Wagenberg
Beth Wehrle
Chris Wilke

Friends Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Alnutt
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Alpi
Mr. and Mrs. John Batty
Mr. and Mrs. John Borneman
Kate and Dick Carraher
Edward and Diane Caso
Katie Cassidy and Wallace McGarry
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. Don Dakin
Margaret DiGiorgio
Tom and Lisa Divilio
Chip and Anna Fichtner
W. Thomas Fountain
Gigi and Steve Hershey
Patti and Porter Hopkins in Memory of Judy Straub
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hynson, Jr.
Cassandra Kabler
Stephen H. Kehoe
Susan and Barry Koh
Karl Krieger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Makosky
Mary Lou McAllister
Dorie McGuiness
Jill and Jack Meyerhoff
Carol and Joe Minarick
Maggi and Bob Mooney
Pembroke F. Noble
Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Parker
Rima Z. Parkhurst
Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Passarella
William U. Reybold
Mr. and Mrs. John Riehl
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Schmickel
A.L. Shreve Waxter
James Stewart
Pat and Sy Strongin
Mr. and Mrs Carl Tankersley
Mr. and Mrs. Enos Throop
Mr. and Mrs. William U’Ren
David Urbani
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Fossan
Ann and Charles A Webb, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Weingarden
Mr. and Mrs. William Witowsky
Julia J. Young

Supporter’s Circle

Mrs. Jane Anderson
Mrs. Della Andrew
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aspell
Ms. Elisabeth Baer
Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Baird
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bednarz
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bonan
Ms. Mary Boyles
Ms. Dorothy Brittingham
Michele and Court Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carroll
Carol and Creston Cathcart
Ruth M. Cecil
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Chandler
Mr. Larry Clark
Linda M. Clineberg
Rosemary Cooley
Brenda L. Crabbs
Heather Crow
Mr. and Mrs. David Dalrymple
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Rosario Del Nero
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. David Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine duPont
Linda Eaton
Barbara Rosenbaum and Bob Feldhuhn
Donna M. Finley
Ralph and Charlotte Fleischman
Rebecca and George Gaffney
Richard A. Gnospelius
Mr. Charles P. Goebel and Ms. Catherine Joyce
AM Gravely Gallery
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gray
Marybeth Guerrieri
Patricia A. Hanlon
Harry and Jeanne Henkel
Laura and Tom Hollingshead
Nancy and Joe Hollingsworth
Jane and Frank Hopkinson
Ms. Martha Horner
Ms. Susan Horsey
Pete and Carla Howell
Rabbi Peter E. Hyman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jones
Kentavius Jones
Marjorie H. Judd
Patricia W. Keller
Kathleen M. Kiernan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knowles
Nancy Lewis
Geoffrey Longfellow
Peggy Lott
Tom and Germaine Louis
Ms. Joanne Magruder and Mr. Robert Paulus
Kate Mansfield
James L. Mason
Jayne H. McGeehan
Deborah McKee
Campbell R. Wright and Aprille McKee-Wright
Fred and Nancy Meendsen
Elaine Neale
Linn W. Ong
William and Nancy Parnell
Eugene M. Pfeifer
W. Lee Phillips
Ms. Anne L. Pilert and Mr. Tod Engelskirchen
Judge S.J. Plager
Beverly and Laurence O. Pratt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Riedlin
Jacqueline R. Scarborough
Marilyn Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Sefton
Roberta B. Seger
Eunice B. Shearer
Stephen Shearer
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sheridan
Edward Simonoff
Benjamin T. Simons and Alison Cooley
Jacqueline Smith
Marty Smith
Mr. Richard Smith and Dr. Katherine Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John Stalfort
Don and Glenda Stukey
Ms. Frances Thorington
Tidewater Camera Club
John C. Unkovic
Bob and Lori Valenti
Mr. and Mrs. Moorhead Vermilye
Ryck and Karen Walbridge
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Warfield
Ken Warwick
Carroll J. Waskins
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Don Whitcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wood
Mr. and Mrs. John Yerrick
Mrs. Arlene Zachmann
Mr. Harvey Zendt and Mrs. Louisa Zendt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zuehlke

Academy Circle

Dorothea Anderson and Paul Effertz
Mr. and Mrs. Rasmus Apenes
Ms. Damika Baker
Ms. Kathy Ann Beerflament
Ms. Judy Bittorf
Ms. Catherine Blake and Dr. Frank Eisenberg
Mr. Stephen Bleinberger
Mrs. Marie Bradley
Mr. H. William Braun
Gina M. Brent
Mr. and Mrs. Gert-Rainer Bruns
Ms. Melinda Carl
Victoria A. Chandler
Ms. Deborah Colborn
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cooley
Nancy Craig
Diana Dardis
Madge Henning and Warren Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Denny
John V. Ericson
Mr. and Mrs. John Ford
Mary Jane French
James and Judith Gieske
Mr. and Mrs. William Gordean
Nancy A. Graham
Susan C. Haggerty
Lars and Ann Hansen
Dr. Forest Hansen and Dr. Valerie Lamont
Ms. Joan Hart and Mr. Robert Jensen
John and Marsie Hawkinson
Ellen Hill
Elizabeth Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. George Holzer
Juanita Hopkins
Nancy S. Hunter
Katherine LaMotte
Charles Leaver
Eleanor Lockwood
Ronald Macdonald
Ms. Alice E. Maldonado and Mr. Robert F. Lawrence
Bonnie McCormick
Sherry Miller
John W. Moran
Carol C. Morgan
Patricia Morse
James DelAguila and Tracey Mullery
David Murphy
Karen A. O’Dowd
Anna C. Ossler
Carol Patterson
Sharon Paz
Robert D. Pierce
David Plumb
Blanche L. Powell
Cynthia C. Ramsey
Laura E. Rankin
Pauline Reiher
Peggy R. Rogers
Kathie M. Rogers
Bradford Ross
Fran Saunders
Beth Schucker
Sheryl Southwick
Amelia and Eric Steward
Scott Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Van Valkenburgh
Betsy Wilson
Dr. Graeme Clapp and Ms. Anne Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Young

Corporate and Civic

Atelier 11, Ltd. Architecture
Bay Imprint
Ben Franklin Crafts
Carla Massoni Gallery
Chuck Mangold Jr., Associate Broker Benson & Mangold
Dwelling and Design
Gamblin Oil Paints
AM Gravely Gallery
M. R. Hurst Contracting LLC
Main Street Gallery
McHale & McHale Landscape Design, Inc.
Paris Foods
PNC Financial Services Group
PURE Insurance
Schneider Home Theater
St. Michaels Art League
Tidewater Camera Club
Trippe-Hilderbrandt Gallery–Nancy Trippe
Wells Fargo Advisors
Wiley Rein LLP
Working Artists Forum


Brillembourg Ochoa Family Foundation
Clark Charitable Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
GE Foundation
Ingredion Charitable Foundation
Mid-Shore Community Foundation-Artistic Insights Fund
Ruth and Robert St. John Foundation
Seip Family Foundation
The Asplundh Foundation
The Frederick W. Richmond Foundation
Van Strum Foundation