Goal I: Arts Education for the Future

Educational programs serve as the foundation of our museum’s practice and history. Today we are the leading provider of arts education in the Mid-Shore Region. Through a year-round program, we offer everyone—from pre-schoolers to high schoolers to learners of any age—the opportunity to work in a studio, learn from gifted teachers, and share with others the challenges and pleasures of making art. We provide an engaging and imaginative environment for learning through art. It is well-documented that arts education plays a critical factor in childhood development, fostering achievement and promoting well-being at all stages of life. The Museum fulfills a vital public role for the entire region as the foremost provider of arts education from ages 2 to 100+.

Director of Education 

Demand is on the rise for our educational programs. To meet this growing need and to expand our program and audiences, we must add an experienced and visionary professional to join the senior staff of the Museum as Director of Education. The Director of Education will develop and implement a Vision for the Future of Arts Education at the Academy Art Museum, and thereby expand the reach of our programs; develop curricula working with the school superintendent and key stakeholders in the community; institute teacher training courses; and collaborate with cultural partners. All of this will greatly strengthen the ability of the museum to attract students, educators, and visitors and enhance our outreach both in the museum and throughout the community. Securing funding for a Director of Education position will deepen our impact in education and allow us to better serve our audiences, securing the Museum’s mission and vision.

Educational Programming 

We seek support for educational programming in order to make it possible for the Director of Education to implement a Vision for the Future of Arts Education at the Academy Art Museum. Your contributions will secure our existing arts educational programming and make it possible to introduce new initiatives under the leadership of the Director of Education.

Artist-in-Residence Program 

The purpose of an Artist-in-Residence program is to bridge the practice of making art and the experience of art by the public. The program will invite a nationally known emerging or mid-career artist for a special exhibition of his or her work. Led by the Museum’s Senior Curator working closely with Education Staff, the annual residency will be by invitation, and feature up to a month’s residency, an exhibition of the artist’s work, public lectures, workshops and master classes, educational outreach and programming, and the acquisition of the artist’s work for the Permanent Collection.