Instructor: Diane DuBois Mullaly
4 weeks: September 12 – October 3, 2019
Thursdays, 10 am–1 pm
All materials supplied
Cost: $150 Members, $180 Non-members
Plus $45 materials fee paid to instructor at the first class.
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For absolute beginners and those who painted in the past and want to get started again. Learn how to use and love one of art’s most forgiving mediums – oil paint. Starting at the beginning with small, simple steps; these fun and inspiring classes will  teach you how to start a painting and take it through to completion. Your confidence and knowledge will grow as you learn by doing. Each class starts with a lesson, demonstration and written materials focusing on one basic aspect of painting; followed by plenty of painting time with ample personal attention.  Included are (1) how to mix and use color, (2) how  to design a composition that will lead the viewer’s eye through your painting, (3) how to use values (darks and lights) to create volume and depth, and (4) how to use a brush or knife to apply oil paint. The class will work with three primary colors and white, from which almost any color can be mixed. Artists will leave these classes with new confidence, and the satisfying feeling of finally having started or returned to oil painting. Coffee and snacks provided.


September 12 - October 3, 2019


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Class Schedule:

Thursdays, 10 am - 1 pm

Class Information:

Materials List

All materials are supplied by instructor for a $45 fee. If you have your own materials, please bring what is on this list.

Oil Paint – ONLY these specific colors

Azo Yellow, M Graham brand (or Cadmium Yellow Light, Gamblin brand), 37 ml tube

Napthol Red, M Graham brand or Gamblin brand, 37 ml tube

Ultramarine Blue, M Graham brand or Gamblin brand, 37 ml tube

Titanium/Zinc White, Gamblin brand, 150 ml tube


Robert Simmons, Signet Flat, size 6

Plus, any long handled round sable or synthetic sable brush, about 1/8" wide with bristles about 1/2" long that come to a point. My favorite is Royal & Langnickel ZEN, Z43R, Size 1


Paper Palette, 9x12, white, no thumb hole

Masterson Palette Seal with blue lid, 12x16 (optional)

Canvas Board Panels, 8x10, at least 5 inexpensive ones (Dick Blick’s Economy Canvas Panel is nice for the price)

Painting Knife, Creative Mark T25 (aka palette knife, trowel shaped, wood handle, metal blade)

Wipe Out Tool by Creative Mark

Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank; or glass jar with lid that seals tight

Odorless Mineral Spirits by Gamsol (preferred) or Turpenoid

Sketch Book, Spiral Bound 5.5 x 8; or any sketchbook you have

Farber Castel Artist Pen, Black, Fine Nib; or any fine tipped black marker (this is for sketching thumbnail drawings)

Paper Towels, Viva brand, 1 roll

Paper Bags for trash

Pizza Box or other flat box with a lid to transport wet paintings

Also Bring

An open mind, your creative spirit, and your sense of wonder. There is no pressure! Be ready to relax, get in touch with the painter inside you, think good thoughts, and have a lot of fun!

Local Supplier

Ben Franklin, 101 Marlboro Avenue, Easton, MD 21601, (410) 820-0202. Now carries Gamblin oil colors and Robert Simmons Brushes at competitive prices.