June 17, 2023

Artists & Musical Acts Munit and z Lovebugs

Munit and z Lovebugs are an adorable family band featuring vocalist Munit (Mama) on ukulele and drums, Gabriel (son) on bass, vocalist Meezan (daughter) on ukulele and trumpet, and singer Ayana (the young- est and the firecracker of the band)! They love playing songs of love, peace, positivity, and joy from around the world that make us feel good. Strangers turn into friends and a community is born as they perform and get the audience singing along to their originals and to classic and funky songs that many know and love. It’s bound to be a good time, telling stories, and making memories across the generations with Munit and z Lovebugs.

The Sagacious Traveler

Tavair Tapp first took the stage as The Sagacious Traveler in late 2021 in his hometown of Columbia, Missouri. A singer-songwriter, he has an eclectic lyrical range, from whimsically fun to reflectively somber. Now a resident of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, he performs acoustic versions of originals and covers at local music venues, coffee shops, bars, and festivals throughout MD, DE, and VA. Tavair derives the alias Sagacious Traveler from his self-titled series with the concept of “traveling back in time to meet the boy he used to be” to impart invaluable advice to his younger self. He also has two singles available on all streaming platforms: “Neapolitan Ice Cream” (2021) and “Sincerely, Your Dearest Friend” (2022).