The Academy Art Museum presents recent works by its exceptional team of instructors. As practicing local artists working in multiple mediums, the instructors of our adult and children’s classes engage with what is in and around our community and beyond in intriguing ways. Their experience guiding budding and experienced student artists informs their work, as their technical proficiency and artistic curiosity intertwine, delivering a colorful and dynamic exhibition.

Instructors’ Exhibition Virtual Happy Hour
February 19, 2021, 5pm

Join AAM Instructors showing work in the Instructors’ Exhibition, on view at the Museum through March 20, 2021, for a virtual Happy Hour on February 19th at 5 pm! Take a virtual tour of the exhibition and hear the instructors talk about their pieces.

Exhibiting Artists Include:
Paul Aspell
Steve Bleinberger
Katie Cassidy
Rosemary Cooley
Bernie Dellario
Constance Del Nero
Georgia June Goldberg
Matthew Hillier
Susan Horsey
Maire McArdle
Diane DuBois Mullaly
Julia Rogers
Brad Ross
Maggii Sarfaty
Theresa Schram
Sahm Doherty Sefton
Sheryl Southwick
Cid Collins Walker
Steve Walker
Meg Walsh


January 29, 2021 - March 20, 2021