AMZE EMMONS, Background Frequency, 2010, Screen print

Amze Emmons is a Philadelphia-based, multi-disciplinary artist with a background in drawing and printmaking. His images evoke a sense of magical/minimal realism inspired by architectural illustration, comic books, cartoon language, information graphics, news footage, consumer packaging, and instruction manuals. The artist notes, “For the past several years I have actively noticed certain kinds of visual phenomena such as portable and ephemeral building structures, improvised street furniture, and informal sites of exchange that tell a story of local agency, adaptation, and community. When I travel in other cities around the US and abroad, I inevitably discover parallel phenomena.”

Emmons was one of the original founders of the contemporary printmaking blog (2008-2015) which sought to “analyze the role of print in contemporary culture, drawing new connections between art, design, and current events. [We sought] to reframe the discourse surrounding the fine art print, by clarifying the many ways in which print is central to contemporary art.” Amze Emmons is working on a new body of work which extends his interest in mapping connections between materials, visual culture history, and art history.

An exhibition publication will accompany the show and serve as a catalogue raisonné of his oeuvre to date. This exhibition marks an important moment in surveying the last 15 years of Emmons’ powerful artistic exploration, technical experimentation and critical thinking about the role of print in contemporary society. The exhibition was conceived and curated by the Academy Art Museum.

Amze Emmons will serve as our second Artist-in-Residence at the time of his exhibition. For more information about the Artist in Residence Workshop at the Academy Art Museum click HERE.



Mary Ann Schindler and Martin Hughes


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August 2, 2019 - October 2, 2019


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