Goal V: Museum Endowment

There is no greater way to secure the future of our mission and our role in the community than to grow our endowment. The Museum supports its annual operating budget of $1.5 million through membership fees, annual giving, tuitions, grants, fundraising events, and the small income generated from the endowment. Currently, our endowment stands at $3.7 million, and our 5% or lower annual endowment draw contributes 10% of our total operating budget. In contrast, the national average contribution of the endowment draw for art museums is 22% of the annual operating budget. We are convinced that to insure the Museum’s future financial stability we must substantially increase our endowment. We welcome endowment gifts to sustain our future as the premier art museum and leading arts educator on the Eastern Shore.

In addition to direct gifts to the endowment, the Museum encourages inclusion in estate planning through bequests, charitable gift annuities, or charitable trusts.