We are immeasurably grateful to those who have made contributions in support of our operations and programming.


Chairman’s Circle

Clark Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William Millar
Carolyn H. Williams and Colin Walsh

Director’s Circle 

Ms. Catherine Collins McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. George P.A. Eysymontt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Prager
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Ringler
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Roche
JT Smith and Mary Tydings Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stansbury
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Willse
Bruce Wiltsie and Bill Davenport

Museum Circle 

Mr. and Mrs. David Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bodorff
Ms. Caroline Boutte’ and Mr. Peter Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Granville
Mr. and Mrs. Armeane Choksi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Frame
Ms. Amy Haines and Mr. Richard Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hanrahan
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hunter
Lisa and Peter Hunter
Ms. Bette Kenzie
Simma and Ron Liebman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Malesardi
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Maloney
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management-Greg Beane, Senior Vice President and Tom McGuckian, Vice President
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nobel
Mr. Jeffrey Parker and Mr. Chance Negri
Ruth and Robert St. John Foundation
Tricia and Frank Saul
Mary Ann Schindler and Martin Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Seip
t at the General Store
The  Frederick W. Richmond Foundation
Van Strum Foundation
Paul C. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wyman

Collector’s Circle 

Mr. and Mrs. CG Appleby
The  Avon-Dixon Agency
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Canzoniero
Warren and Claire Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Doehler
Mr. and Mrs. James Farrell
Holly and Paul Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Kittredge
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Koons
Mr. Robert Lonergan
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Phillips
PURE Insurance
Mr. Richard Scobey and Mr. Bruce Ragsdale
Al and Marty Sikes
Wiley Rein LLP

Patrons Circle

Cecil F. Backus
Bank of America
Jean and Duane Beckhorn
Will C. and Posey Boicourt
Mr. and Mrs. John DeQ. Briggs
Ms. Roberta Brittingham
Marian Thomsen Brown
Philip and Sara Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Denney
Chip and Anna Fichtner
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Gilson
Mrs. Shirley Gooch
Katharine Griswold
Mo and Brad Herbert
Brad and Allison Hill
Hope Fulton and Joel Leucther Philanthropic Fund
Mr. Stephen Huntoon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hynson
Tim and Sally Kagan
Mrs. Margaret Keller
Ms. Ann Krestensen
Buffy Linehan
Mr. and Mrs. David Menotti
Ms. Joan Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan O’Neill
Paris Foods
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Peled
Jim and Jan Perdue
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Perkins
Anne and Jack Pettit
Mr. John Pinney and Ms. Donna Cantor
Mr. Franklin Raines and Ms. Denise Grant
Mrs. Nancy Jane Reed
Bill and Elspeth Ritchie
Adrienne W. Rudge
Mrs. Alice Ryan
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Saff
Dr. Joseph Schulman and Ms. Dixie King
Mr. Robert Shannahan
The Ravenal Foundation
Mrs. Susan Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Tilghman
Trippe-‐Hilderbrandt Gallery -‐Nancy Trippe
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Tuthill
Mr. Dan Watson and Ms. Brenda Stone
Marilyn and Hal Weiner
Peter and Hanna Woicke

Donors Circle 

Mr. and Mrs. John Akridge
Judith and Robert Amdur
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Asplundh
John P. Borneman Ph. D. and Anne Marie Borneman, Ed. D
Michael B Bracy and Ella Cox Bracy
Mr. and Mrs. Omer Brown
Carol and Eric Chandler
Mrs. Alice Clark
Leslie and Ed Cronin
Easton Utilities
Mr. Albert B. Gipe
AM Gravely Gallery
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harris
John and Marsie Hawkinson
Mr. and Mrs. John Hunnicutt
The Honorable Ellen Huvelle and Mr. Jeffrey Huvelle
Mrs. Jennie Hyatt
Abner and Diana Kingman
Susan and Barry Koh
Dr. Elizabeth Koprowski
Karl Krieger
Thomas Leff and Melanie Dement
Kathe and Bill McDaniels
Ms. Christa Montague
Maggi and Bob Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan
The Honorable and Mrs. John North, II
Peggy Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Peters
Mrs. Nanette Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Pickle
Mr. and Mrs. Earl “Rusty” Powell, III
Dr. Bruce Rashbaum
Mary Revell and Gene Lopez
Ms. Anne Robson
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Sappington
Mr. Heinrich Schmitz and Dr. Lelde Schmitz
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Tate
The Rumsfeld Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Enos Throop
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Townsend
Van Doren Waxter, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Fossan
Dr. Anke Van Wagenberg and Dr. Maurits Van Wagenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Vince
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Warfield
Susan Waxter
Beth Wehrle
Working Artists Forum
Julia J. Young

Friends Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ackerman
Tom and Hannah Alnutt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aspell
Mr. Bill Belding and Ms. Margel Highet
Mr. Kenneth R. Besser
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bliss
Mr. Richard Bogan
Pat and Jim Bonan
Sue and Joe Bredekamp
Mr. Timothy Brown
Sheila and Tom Buckmaster
Susan and Paul Carroll
Edward and Diane Caso
Mr. Brett D. Clifford and Ms. Elise A. Butler
Lin and Steve Clineburg
Mr. George Constant and Ms. Abigail Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cookson, Jr.
Dr. Brian Corden
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crowley
Albert L. Smith and Eleanor B. Dallam
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Decker
Dr. L. Thomas Divilio and Ms. Lisa A.Gritti
John and Mary Etta Dynan
Charlotte and Gary Ehlig
ExxonMobil Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Reed M. Fawell
Ralph and Charlotte Fleischman
W. Thomas Fountain
Mr. and Mrs. William Gordean
Ms. Nancy Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Grudziecki
Lars and Ann Hansen
Gigi and Steve Hershey
Laura and Tom Hollingshead
Jerry B. Hook and Jacqueline H. Smith
Patti and Porter Hopkins in Memory of Judy Straub
Jane and Frank Hopkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Israel
Ms. Cassandra Kabler
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kernan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Makosky
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Martin
Ms. Mary Lou McAllister
Dorie and Jeff McGuiness
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Meyerhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Minarick
Mr. James T. Mueller and
Ms. Sharon Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. John Noble
Mr. James O’Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Parker
Rima Z. Parkhurst
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Passarella
Charles and Elizabeth Petty
Ms. Frances Phillips and Mr. Barry Wildstein
Mr. Eugene Prevost
Mr. Peter Raymond and Ms. Karen Kenneally
Ms. Lisa Rey
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. John Richardson
Margaret and John Riehl
Rubery Advised Fund
Mr. Steve Sands Jr.
Amy and Dave Schmickel
Mr. and Mrs. George Seger
A.L. Shreve Waxter Jr.
Nancy and Donald Shuck
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Smith
Maggie Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lon H. Smith
Dr. Eva Smorzaniuk
Ms. Jennifer Stanley
James and Susan Stewart
Seymour and Patricia Strongin
Carl and Nancy Tankersley
Frankie Thorington
Charles and Carolyn Thornton
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Trujilo
George and Benson Tulloch
Ann and Charles Webb
Marshall and Barbara Weingarden
John and Mary Yerrick
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Zuckerman
Ms. Patricia Zugibe

Supporters Circle

Mrs. Cynthia Alexander
Reamy Ancarrow and Michael Forscey
Dorothea Anderson and Paula Effertz
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Andrew, III
Jay and Judy Anglada
Rasmus and Ann Apenes
Simon Barritt Arnstein and Joan M. Levy
Ms. Dorothy Ashby and Mr. Ronald Kopicki
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Asplundh
Elisabeth M. N. Baer
Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Baird
Mrs. Watson Barbara
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Barksdale
Mr. Jerome Barsky
Mr. and Mrs. Birch Bayh
Ms. Karen Bearman
Mr. Mark Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bednarz
Mrs. Joan Bennett
Rabbi and Mrs. Donald Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. George Betz
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Bevard
Ms. Catherine Blake and Dr. Frank Eisenberg
Shelby and Francesca Blythe
Marie Bradley
Gina Maria Brent
Mr. Andrew Brignole
Ms. Dorothy Brittingham
Ms. Virginia Brown
Michele and Court Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Gert-Rainer Bruns
John J. and Roberta C. Carey
George N. Carlson, PhD and Lynda T. Carlson, PhD
Kate and Dick Carraher
Ms. Margaret Carter
Katie Cassidy and Wallace McGarry
Mr. and Mrs. Creston Cathcart
Ms. Marie Cavallaro
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cespedes
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Chanesman
Mrs. Lorraine B. Claggett
Larry K. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Clubb
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Codispoti
Ms. Nancy Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cooley
Ernest and Barbara Cox
Brenda L. Crabbs
Nancy Craig
Heather Crow
Mr. and Mrs. Don Dakin
Mr. David Danner and Ms. Frances Forster
Ms. Diana Dardis
Mr. and Mrs. William Darragh
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dautle
Madge Henning and Warren Davis
Mr. Bruno De Schaetzen
Constance and Rosario Del Nero
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dell
Jim and Wanda Denny
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Diamond
Margaret and Rinaldo DiGiorgio
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Doherty
Mr. Tom Downs and Ms. Carol A. Kachadoorian
Ronya and David Driscoll
Mrs. Michele Drostin
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine duPont
Mr. and Mrs. George Durhan
Ms. Penelope Dwyer
Ms. Anne Edwards
Ms. Bonney Eggleston
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Emrich
Mr. Michael Epstein
Barbara Rosenbaum and Bob Feldhuhn
Donna M. Finley
Ms. Rebecca Firth
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fitzgerald
Peggy and John Ford
Dr. Susan Forlifer
Mrs. Nancy H. Fox
Ms. Patricia Freeman
Dr. Richard Fritz and Ms. Suzanne Sanders
Rebecca and George Gaffney
Georgie Morris Garbisch
Ms. Connie Garner
Ms. Sylvia Garrett
GE Foundation
Doreen C. Getsinger
James and Judith Gieske
Mr. and Mrs. David Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Girard
Mr. Charles P. Goebel and Ms. Catherine Joyce
Myra S. Goldgeier
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Graham
Kathy and Donald Gray
Mrs. Erik Guzman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Haertlein
Ms. Joan Hahn
Ms. VirginiaHall
Ms. Marcia Hall
George and Christine Hamilton
Patricia A. Hanlon
Dr. Forest Hansen and Dr. Valerie Lamont
Mrs. Judith Harrald
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold B. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hartmeyer
Barbara Z. Heatly
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Heiss
Harry and Jeanne Henkel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henry
Nancy and Joe Hollingsworth
Ms. Martha Horner
Nina Rodale Houghton
Pete and Carla Howell
Betty and Eddy Huang
Rabbi Peter Hyman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Interdonato
Ms. Sharron Jamarik
Alden and Corrie James
David and Sherry Jeffery
Averill and Mark Jones
Marjorie Judd
Drs. Fred and Andrea Kahn
Dr. Ona Kareiva and Mr. Edward Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Kern
Ms. Kathleen Kiernan
Ms. Marcia Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. William Kirvan, Jr.
Ms. Judith Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knowles
Ms. Cheryl Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Kraus
Mr. Donald Lackman
Mrs. Linda Ladwig
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lane
Diane and Howard Lapp
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin L. Lawing
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Layton
Mr. and Mrs. David Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Lesher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Levy
John J. and Ann H. Loflin
Mr. and Mrs. Haim Loran
Mr. and Mrs. J. Van Lott
Dr. Tom Louis
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Lowman, Jr.
Mr. Paul Ha and Ms. Eva Lundsager
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Lutkus
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mabe
Ronald and Arlene Macdonald
Ms. Joyce Macijeski
Ms. Beverly Macindoe
Mr. and Mrs. John Malin
Ebby and Dick Malmgren
Mr. George Maloney
Kate Mansfield
Ms. Michelle Marks
Mr. Stan Martin
Mr. and Mrs. James Mason
Elaine Masso
Jane and Richard McCauley
Ms. Gail McConaughy
Jayne H. McGeehan
Michael McHale
Mr. and Mrs. James McKee
Campbell R. Wright and Aprille McKee-Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Ned McNeely
Fred and Nancy Meendsen
Mr. Ray Merkin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Messing
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Michalak
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Mielke
Ms. Patricia Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mills
Ms. Sheila Monahan
Mr. David Montgomery
Carol C. Morgan
Mr. Michael E. Morris
Ms. Elaine Neale and Mr. Jack Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Nily
Mr. and Mrs. Gaillard Nolan
Ms. Elizabeth W. North and Mr. Joaquin Chaves
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Nuthall
Linn W. Ong
Mrs. Nancy Orr
Anna C. Ossler
Nancy and Bill Parnell
Mr. Stuart Parnes and Ms. Sue Ellen Thompson
Ms. Jane L. Parshall
Carol Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Arne Paulson
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Petizon
Mr. Derek Phillips
Mr. W. Lee Phillips
Robert D. Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. James Pierre
Ms. Anne L. Pilert
Judge S.J. Plager
Ms. Suzanne Pratt
Beverly and Laurence Pratt
Martha Read
Ms. Monika Relman
Mr. William Reybold
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Riter
Ms. Tere Roach and Mr. Billy Ray
Thomas D. and Barbara Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rosen
Diana G. Sable
Mr. and Mrs. Reinhardt Sahmel
Ms. Nancy Sawyer
Jacqueline Scarborough
Muriel Schied
Ms. Helen Schmidt
Marilyn and Ed Schmidt
Schneider Home Theater
Beth Schucker
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Sefton
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sevon
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Shearer
Eunice B. Shearer
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Langley Shook
Ms. Margot Shriver
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Silverman
Mr. Edward Simonoff and Ms. Nancy Sajda
Benjamin T. Simons and Alison Cooley
Ms. Carol Singer
Henry and Lois Small
Mr. Marty Smith
Ms. Deborah Smith
Mr. Richard Snowdon
Dr. Ali Soulati and Ms. Zuleika Ghodsi
Mr. and Mrs. Vito Spitaleri
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Springer
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Staley
Anne and John Stalfort
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Stoer
Mrs. Jo Ann Storey
Don and Glenda Singer Stukey
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Talbot
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tattle
Mrs. Clytie Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Taylor
Ms. Lizette Tepper
Mrs. Jan Thorkelson
Mr. and Mrs. James Truitt
Mr. and Mrs. William U’Ren
Mr. John C. Unkovic
Bob and Lori Valenti
Mrs. and Mr. Paula Van Valkenburgh
Mr. Arthur Varela
Ms. Tina Vaz
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Vergne
Sally and Moorhead Vermilye
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Wagner
Ryck and Karen Walbridge
Ms. Susan Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Walker
Mr. and Mrs. David Wangsness
Ken Warwick
Carroll J. Waskins
Mr. and Mrs. John Waterston
Penelope P. Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Watters
Mrs. Jane Wattis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wheatley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard White
Ms. Chris Wilke
Betsy Wilson
Mrs. Pamela Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. William Witowsky
Mr. and Mrs. James Wright
Margaret and Sanford T. Young
Ms. Laura Zagon
Bob and Barbara Zuehlke

Academy Circle 

Mr. Dustin Adams
Ms. Pamela Aall-McPherson
Ms. Rebecca Addy and Mr. Michael Twaits
Ms. Sandra Ahlers
Mr. and Mrs. John Aiken
Ms. Sandra Alanko
Mrs. Connie Alderfer
Mr. and Mrs. George Aldrich
Ms. Anne Allbeury-Hock
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Alspach
Ms. Mildred Anderson
Mrs. Robyn Andris
Mr. Tristan Arthur
Mr. and Mrs. John Ashworth
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. William Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bailor
Damika Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Baker
Ms. Phyllis Ballantine
Donna Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Attison Barnes
Ms. Marilyn Barrett
Ms. Lynda Barrow
Ms. Elizabeth Bartlett
Ms. Fanta Bartoo
Ms. Jill Basham
Ms. Evelyn Baskin
Grif Bates
Mr. Ronald Batistoni
Ms. Annette Bautz
Ms. Josephine Beebe
Mr. George Curlin and Ms. Rebecca Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Bellows
Ms. Sandra Bemis
Ms. Gail Benjamin
Ms. Frances Berg
Ms. Virginia Berliner
Mr. Charles Berliner and Ms. Kathryn Dahl
Mr. Paul Bernhardy
Ms. Carol Berrigan
Ms. Suzanne L. Betz
Ms. Lyn R. Bevard
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bilinski
Ms. Marlen Binder
Ms. Katherine Binder and Mr. Robert Forloney
Ms. Judy Bittorf
Ms. Lynda Blades
Mr. Robert Blatchley and Dr. Virginia Blatchley
Mr. Stephen Bleinberger
Ms. Patricia Blockston
Ms. Margie Blood
Ms. Susan Blount
Mrs. Loretta R. Blume
Ms. Elizabeth Blumenberg
Mr. Davis Bobrow
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bohan
Ms. Joyce B. Bollinger
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bollman
Mr. and Mrs. Talbot Bone
Ms. Debi Book
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Borchardt
Mrs. Gloria Bostwick
Mr. C. Bowie and Ms. Lynn Rose
Ms. Helen Box
Mary F. Boyles
Ms. Bonnie Bradley
Mr. Edward Bradley
Ms. Kathleen Brady
Mrs. Pamela Brandes
Mr. H. William Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Brigham
Mrs. Susan Brittin
Mr. and Mrs. James Brodsky
Ms. Kathy Brooks
Ms. Barbara Brown
Ms. Lani Browning
Ms. Mary Brugh Uhl
Mrs. Faith Brundige
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Brunetti
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bryant
Ms. Nancy S. Bundy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burger
Ms. Joanne Buritsch
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Burke
Ms. Natalie Caccia
Mrs. Cynthia Calabro
Mrs. Lucia M.Calloway
Ms. Edna L. Canada
Ms. Suzanne Carbone
Ms. Mary Carduff
Ms. Melinda Carl
Burton Carlson and Andrea Wood
Mrs. Sue Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carns
Ellen Carroll
Mrs. Kathleen Carroll
Ms. Carole Cascio
Elizabeth Casqueiro and George Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Cassavant
Ms. Ruth Cecil
Ms. Elinor Cecil
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Challoner
Ms. Victoria Chandler
Ms. Christa Chesley
Dr. Carol Chisholm
Ms. Joan Chowning
Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard Christianson
Mr. Philip Ciminelli
Mr. T. Patterson Clark
Ms. Tobe Clemens
Mr. and Mrs. John Cleveland
Ms. Susan Clifford
Mrs. Sarah Clow
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Clow
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Codrington
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cohan
Ms. Deborah Colborn
Mrs. Dianne Conn
Mr. and Mrs. George Conniff
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Connolly
Ms. Beatrice Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cook
Ms. Benita Cooper
Ms. Barbara Bush Cooper
Dr. Sharon Corkran
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Corrigan
Mrs. Susan Corrigan-Yo
Mrs. Janet Cosseboom
Ms. Iona Costello
Mr. Ken Court and Ms. Margaret Garey
Ms. Pauline Cox
Joan W. Cox
Mr. Doyle L.Cox
Ms. Emily Crandall
Ms. Patricia Crane
Ms. Joan Cranor
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Crawford
Ms. Catherine Cripps
Mrs. Betty Crothers
Ms. Connie Crow
Jim and Janet Crowle
Ms. Carol Ann Crutchfield
Mrs. Christine Cully
Ms. Amy Cummins
Ms. Karen Cunningham
Ms. Rita Curtis
Ms. Geraldine Czajkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Dabney
Mr. and Mrs. David Dalrymple
Mr. and Mrs. H. Tucker Dalton
Ms. Merry Danaceau
Ms. Mary Davis
Michele LaRocca and Solon Davis
Ms. Janice Davison
Mr. Robert Day and Ms. Gwen Beegle
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Deerin
Mr. William C. Delawder
Ms. Ann DeMart
Ms. DeliaDenny
Ms. Sally Deren
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis DeShields
Mr. and Mrs. David Dianich
Ms. Susan Dickinson
Ms. Elaine Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Diffley
Mrs. and Mr. Janet DiNapoli
Ms. Marian Dipboye
Mr. George Dixon
Mr. Ben Dize
Mrs. Jacqueline Doddridge
Ms. Carol Donnelly
Mrs. Rose Doster
Mr. Michael S. Dougherty and Ms. Beth Johnson
Mr. David Draut
Mr. Michael Driscoll
Ms. Anne Dudley Ms. Kim Dulin
Michaela and Gerry Early
The Honorable and Mrs. Broughton Earnest
Ms. Ronnie Edelman
Mrs. Barbara Edgar
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Edwards
Ms. Joanne Ehlers
Ms. Ursula Ehrhardt
Ms. Joanne Eisenhower
Mary Ekroos
Ms. Annie Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Ellis
Dr. Rebecca Ellison
Ms. Laura Era
Mr. John Ericson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Escobedo
Sandra Esham
Ms. Petra Evans
Ms. Carolyn Ewing
Ms. Joan Fabbri
Mr. Mark Faber
Mrs. Lesley Faff
Ms. Isabelle Fair and Mr. Charles Denton
Mr. Gerald Fairbanks
Mr. Jack Fancher
Elaine Farquhar
Ms. Maureen Farrell
Ms. Linda Farwell
Mr. Joseph Fasolo
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fiechter
Ms. Suzanne S. Fischer and Mr. Richard Lange
Ms. Elizabeth Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Fisher
Mrs. Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Fleming
Ms. Patricia Flynn
Ms. Pat Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fones
Ms. Mary Ford
Mrs. Merrilie Ford
Mr. Perry Foster
Ms. Nancy Fox
Gen. Janet Freeh
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Freihage
Ms. Denise Freitag
Ms. Mary Jane French
Ms. Carol Friedel
Ms. Elaine Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Kevan Full
Ms. Cynthia Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. James Fulton
Ms. Lilja Gabardini
Ms. Phyllis Gaiti
Mr. Hugo Galan
Ms. Katherine Gallagher
Mr. Phillip Gallo and Ms. Jeanne Reid
Ms. Nancy Galvin
Mrs. Enrique Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gatlin
Mr. Jack Gehring
Ms. Marcia Geoghan
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Geoghegan
Ms. Doris Gerlach
Ms. Jazmine Gibson
Ms. Lesley Giles
Mr. Christopher Gillen
Ms. Dorothy Gilmore
Mrs. Melanie Goldstein
Ms. Damitria Gomer
Mr. Charles Gordon
Mrs. Linda Goss
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Gradisar
Ms. Martha Graham
Mrs. Susan Green
Ms. Holly Greene
Ms. Suzanne Gregory
Ms. Barbara Greiman
Mr. and Mrs. Bryson Gross
Ms. Shirley Grubbs
Bud and Janice Gruber
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Guard
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gueterman
Capt. and Mrs. Rick Gupman
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Gurbel
Ms. Catherine Halliwell
Mrs. Jeanne Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Handy
Mr. Peter Hanks
Ms. Signe Hanson
Ms. Patricia Hargrove and Mr. Richard Schiming
Ms. Ann C. Harlan
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Harper
Mr. Michael Harrigan
Mr. Christopher Harrington
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Harris
Ms. Joan Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Elden B. Hartshorn
Ms. Connie C. Harvey
Heather Harvey and Tom Goyens
Ms. Linda Haschen
Ms. Kathleen Hauck
Deborah Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Hegwood
Ms. Patricia Heim
Ms. Laura Henderson
Mr. Grant Huber and Mr. Neal Henderson
Ms. Kathryn Henneberry
Mrs. Linda Henselman
Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Herbert
Ms. Angela Herbert-Hodges
Ms. Joan Herder
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Herrmann
Ms. Jayne Hetherington
Ellen Hill
Dr. and Mrs. David Hill
Ms. Priscilla Hilliard
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hinkel
Ms. Libby Hinson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Hladki
Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Hock
Col. and Mrs. Robert Holden
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Holly
Ms. Susan Holt
Mr. and Mrs. George Holzer
Ms. Suzanne Hood
Mr. and Mrs. David Hopwood
Ms. Susan Horsey
Mr. and Mrs. Luke V. Howard Sr.
Ms. Karen Hubacher
Ms. Carla Huber
Mr. Bradley Hudson
Ms. Doris Hughes
Ms. Nancy Hunter
Geoff Huntington
Ms. Elizabeth Hutchinson
Ms. Roberta Ingram
Mr. David Isenberg II
Ms. Barbara Jablin
Mr. J. Jeffery Jackson and Ms. Barbara Oxnam
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Jackson
Mr. James Jaffe
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas James
Pam and Jerry Jana
Mrs. Patricia Janson
Mr. and Mrs. Merton Jarboe
Ms. Gayle Jayne
Mrs. Barbara Jefferson
Ms. Ruth Jensen
Dr. Katherine Johnson and Mr. Richard Smith
Ms. Wendy Johnston
Ms. Patty Joiner
Mrs. Patricia Jones
Ms. Carter Jump
Mrs. Jackie Jutchess
Mrs. Theresa Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kanicki
Mrs. Laura Kapolchok
Ms. Susan E. Kehoe
Patricia W. Keller
Ms. Abigail Kellogg
Ms. Deborah Kennedy
Ms. Caroline Kennerly
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Kent
Ms. Jill Khadduri
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kilduff
Ms. Eunice Kim
Ms. Sarah King
Ms. Sandra King
Mr. Marshall Kinsley
Ms. Jan Kirsh
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kline
Ms. Susan Klise
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Klotz
Mr. Jack Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Knott
Mrs. Patricia Koch
Ms. Beverly Kohlhepp
Ms. Mary Konchar
Ms. Kathleen Kopec
Mrs Linda Kramer
Mr. Bruce Kranz
Mrs. Lynnda Kratovil
Charles and Erica Kropp
Ms. Deborah Kudner
Ms. Mignonne La Chapelle
Mrs. Joyce LaForce
Mr. Byron LaMotte Jr.
Ms. Sarah C. Landon
Ms. Pat Lang
Ms. Elizabeth S. Langston
Mrs. Carolyn Lasako
Mr. Austen Lasher
Mrs. Diane K. Laukenmann
Ms. Pamela LeCompte
Mr. Thomas Ledvina
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lemaire
Mrs. Sandy Lenhard
Mrs. Annie Lerian
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lesher
Ms. Joan Leukhardt
Ms. Catherine Liebl
Ms. Roberta Lilly
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lindsley
Mr. Steven Lingeman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lippson
Eleanor Lockwood
Fran and John Lopes
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lowry
Ms. Elizabeth Lucas
Ms. Nancy Lukoskie
Ms. Joan Machinchick
Ms. Barbara MacInnes
Ms. Joanne Magruder and Mr. Robert Paulus
Mr. James Malaro, Jr.
Mr. Robert F. Lawrence and Ms. Alice E. Maldonado
Ms. Ellen Maldonado
Ms. Lee Mallory
Ms. Debbie Mandycz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mangold
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Mangor
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manning
Ms. Peggy Martell
Ms. Jessica Martin
Ms. Carolyn Martin
Ms. Karen Martins
Ms. Ann Marvin
Mr. Peter A. Masley
The Rev. and Mrs. Jack Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Matney
Ms. Donna D. Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCall
Mrs. Lisa McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. James McCloud
Mr. and Mrs. William McConnel
Ms. Margaret. (Peg) McCormack
Ms. Bonnie McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Howard McCoy
Ms. Theresa McFadden
Mr. and Mrs. Doug McGarry
Ms. June McGuckian
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McGunigle
Ms. Sarane McHugh
Mr. Brian McKenna
Dr. Shawn McLaughlin
Ms. Patricia McLoughlin
Ms. Patricia McManus
Ms. Nancy McNary-Smith
Ms. Kathleen McNulty and Mr. Mark Newman
Ms. Sue Meadows
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Meers
Mr. and Mrs. George Merrill
Mrs. Kristina Mertaugh
Mr. William Messner
Ms. Diane Meszaros
Mr. George Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Myers
Mrs. Bernice I. Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Michalek
Mr. Gordon Miles
Ms. Sherry Miller
Dr. Margot Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Milligan
Ms. Sharon Mills
Mrs. Christina Mills
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Milone
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mitchell
Mrs. Melanie Mobarek
Ms. Carol Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Moore II
Mr. John Moran
Ms. Marjorie Morani
Mr. Justin Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Morro
Ms. Mya Mothershead
Ms. Patricia Mowell
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Mullaly
James DelAguila and Tracey Mullery
Leah E. Murn
Pat Murphy
Mrs. Linda Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Myers
Mr. and Mrs. John Tochko
Ms. Martha Nelson
Ms. Lenore Nelson
Ms. Bonna Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Nelson
Mrs. Angela Nestel
Peter Newlin
Ms. Catherine Nickle
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Norris
Ms. Kathy Norton
Ms. Karen O’Dowd
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Olmert
Mrs. Cathy Olson
Ms. Cynthia Orem
Ms. Sue Ormsby
Mr. and Mrs. Armando Ortiz
Ms. Amy Owsley and Mr. Ryan Ewing
Ms. Mary Packard
Ms. Joyce Pairo
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Papa
Ms. Betty Papson
Ms. Judith Parker
Ms. Suzanne Parrott
Ms. Judith Parsick
Ms. Judith Pascal
Mrs. Sharon Paz
Ms. Celia Pearson
Mrs. Trishia Peerman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perram
Ms. Elinor Peterson
Mr. Fred Peterson and Ms. Vasilikie Demos
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pfaff
Ms. Jacquelyn Pfaff-Pratt
Ms. Janet Pfeffer
Ms. Susan Pflieger
Mrs. Jocelyn Phan
Ms. Dawn Phillips and Ms. Jean Honey
Ms. Martha Pileggi
Mr. and Mrs. David Pitard
Louis V. Plough
Mr. James Plumb
Mr. David Plumb
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Poly
Blanche L. Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Powers
Ms. Susan Pratt
Ms. Terry Price
Ms. Penelope Proserpi
Jerianne and Bill Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quattrone
Ms. Kathleen Quinn
Mr. George Raitt
Ms. Cynthia Ramsey
Ms. Sarah Ramsey and Mr. Robert Kelly
Ms. Laura Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. George Reagle
Ms. Norma Redele
Ms. Pauline Reiher
Mr. and Mrs. John Reisinger
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Remo
Dr. Margaret Rennels
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rhodes, III
Ms. Judith Richards
Ms. Donna Richards
James Richardson
Ms. Lynne Riley-Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Ritner
Mr. Curtis Roberts
Mrs. Carol Robertson
Mrs. Kathie M. Rogers
Mr. Steve Rogers
Peggy R. Rogers
Mr. Darryl Rose
Ms. Sandra Rosenfield
Mr. Bradford Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rulis
Mrs. Cari Ruppert
Mr. Joseph Ruzicka and Ms. Susan Fancher
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Don Saballus
Ms. Mary Sachs
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Sadler
Mr. Gary Saluti
Mrs. Alison Sanford
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Scallion
Ms. Nancy Schaik
Mr. Ken Schiano and Ms. Paula Beall
Dr. Ellen Schiller
Mrs. Jacquelyne Schmigel
Mrs. Mary A. Schoeb
Ms. Suzanne Schorr and Mr. Steven Smith
Theresa Schram
Mr. John Schreiner
Mr. Peter Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
Schroth Linda Schuerholz
Ms. Suzanne Schulze
Ms. Marilee Schurmann
Ms. Nancy Jo Schuttler
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Scott
Mr. Jerome Serie
Ms. Mattie Shafer
Dr. Robert Shafer
Mrs. Karen Shanahan
Mr. Jonathan Shaw and Ms. Anne Habberton
Harry and Nancy Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. David Shiffrin
Ms. Madeleine Shinn and Mr. Ken Elliott
Ms. Elaine Shortall
Ms. Rose Sigman
Mr. Gerald Silverstein and Ms. Abby Siegel
Mrs. Anne Singer
Ms. Kelly Singleton
Ms. Lisa Skibenes
Ms. Fran Skiles
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Slaughter
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Sleeper
Ms. Virginia Smith
Ms. Carol Smith
Mr. Clyde Smith, Jr.
Ms. Sharon Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Snow
Dr. Joseph Soares and Dr. Janet Kerr
Ms. Esther Sodani
Ms. Valerie Solarz and Mr. TJ O’Connell
Ms. Sheryl Southwick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Specht
Ms. Cynthia E. Stafford
Mrs. Miriam Stake
Ms. Barbara B. Stephens
Amelia and Eric Steward
Ms. Sharon Stockley
Ms. Susan Stockman
Ms. Sarah Stolte
Sarah Stoner
Ann Stoylen
Ms. Joan Strand
Ms. Robin Stricoff
Dr. and Mrs. George Strother
Mr. Scott Sullivan
Mrs. Denise Sultenfuss
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T. Sunderland
Ms. Dorothy Svendson
Ms. Dana L. Swanson
Mrs. Mary Swanson
Ms. Robin Switzenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Sypula
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Szeglin
Dr. Ijeoma Tagbo
Ms. Isobel Tascher
Ms. Candace Taubner
Ms. Melissa Taylor and Ms. Melanie Castelli
Ms. Janice Tesi
Crystal Thomas
Ms. Rebecca Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Norval Thompson
Ms. Carol V. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Tinelli
John Todd
Mrs. Suzanne Todd
Ms. Georgette Toews
Ms. Donna Tolbert-Anderson
Mr. W. Robert Tolley
Ms. Polly Tonsetic
Ms. Cheryl Torpey
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Trice
Luther and Cordy Tucker
Mr. Matthew G. Tull
Ms. Mary Lou Ullman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Underwood
Dr. H.Thomas Unger
Mr. David Urbani and Ms. Mary Wittemann
Ms. Joann Urso
Ms. Doris Valliant
Ms. Tessa van der Willigen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vargish
Mr. Patrick Vick
Ms. Barbara Viniar
Mr. and Mrs. James Voell
Ms. Doreen Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Vicco Von Voss
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Heiner Wahl
Ms. Dorothy Wailes
Ms. Janet Walczak
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wald
Ms. Cid Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Walker
Vice Adm. Edward Waller
Ms. Karen Walpole
Ms. Meg Walsh
Mr. Michael Wanda
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Warder
Mr. Frank Watkins
Ms. Sharon Weaver
Mr. Larry Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. George Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Webster
Ms. Cheryl Weckesser
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Weiss
Mr. Sean Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Werner
Ms. Robin Westre
Ms. Joan Wetmore
Ms. Heidi Wetzel
Ms. Michael Whalen
Ms. Jennifer Wharton
Ms. Susan Wheeler
Ms. Mary Wheeler
Ms. Margaret J. White
Ms. Helaine White
Ms. Clarissa White
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. White
Ms. Elizabeth Whiteley
Ms. Muphen R. Whitney
Ms. Susan Williams
Mr. Tyler Willis
Mr. and Mrs. William Willis
Mr. Kurt Winkler
Mr. Paul Winters
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wise
Ms. Ann Wisner
Ms. Kathleen Witte
Mrs. Aurora Wolfe
Mr. Robert Sullivan and Ms. Judith A. Wolgast
Mr. and Mrs. Earle B. Wood
Ms. Camille Woodbury and Mr. Philip Gill
Mr. Arthur Wright
Mrs. JoRhea Nagel Wright
Dr. Graeme Clapp and Ms. Anne Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Wyatt
Ms. Mary M. Yancey
Mr. Lee Yerkes
Mrs. Arlene Zachmann
Ms. Susanna Zaffere
Ms. Joyce Zeigler
Ms. Karen Zeliff
Ms. Marilyn Ziegler
Artur and Linda Zimmer
Mr. Howard Zwemer

Contributions as of 12/31/16.
The information in this report is not intended for use in preparing personal tax returns. Donors should consult with their tax advisors regarding the tax status of their 2016 contributions to the Academy Art Museum.