Whether your goal is to audition for a conservatory, lead your family in song during holidays or learn to play the music you love, a personalized music education is one of the most rewarding and enduring investments a person can make for themselves or their child.

The approach will vary according to the student’s objectives and interests, but generally revolves around 3 things:

1. Guiding students through a progressive regimen of warmups and technical exercises to expand the sounds they can get from their instrument.

2. Coaching students through the preparation of repertoire that challenges and shows off their skills.

3. Teaching students to get the most out of their practice sessions by utilizing technology and research into the science of learning.

Raymond Remesch is a musician, recording engineer and music educator. After graduating a Linehan Artist Scholar with a B.A. in Music Education from UMBC in 2008, he has performed Jazz, Pop, Rock and Hip Hop music in many DMV-area venues, from the Kennedy Center and Lincoln Theatre to Twins Jazz and the 930 Club. He finds inspiration in the genius of classical masters, the vitality of jazz greats and the zeal of folk traditions.

Please contact Raymond Remesh directly to inquire about lessons and to register at (410) 829-0335  rayremesch@gmail.com



Whether you are interested in singing with a choir, becoming a soloist, getting a lead in the high school musical or community theatre production, joining a barbershop quartet, or preparing your audition for a conservatory, good singing requires a skill set that is developed over time. Lessons include working with each student to maximize their unique abilities by instilling proper vocal technique, and thus, helping them achieve their goals.

For those interested in solo singing, techniques will not only be provided to enhance their vocal capabilities, but also to musically help bring their characters to life for their performances.  In addition, we will build a repertoire of polished solo selections so the serious student is audition ready.

Please contact Georgiann Gibson directly for more information or to schedule a lesson at (410) 829-2525 or georgiann@atlanticbb.net